Puricare Air

Puricare International uses Ultraviolet (UV) ozone technology to improve the quality of air.  Ozone is possibly the world’s most powerful natural disinfectant which effectively and chemically free eliminate bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa.  It neutralises the microorganisms causing unpleasant odours and creates a hygienic environment.
Our technology can be used to destroy harmful airborne pathogens and unpleasant odours associated with residential homes, industrial buildings, effluent treatmentplants and the medical and hospitality industry.

Some advantages of Puricare International'sair treatment units:
•    Our units are durable, easy to install and maintain.
•    No continuous addition of costly chemicals is necessary, thus no harmful chlorinated disinfection by-products are formed.
•    Ozone is easily and economically generated onsite.
•    Our fan-forced unit ensures that ozone reaches every corner ensuring that inaccessible areas are also treated.

For more information please enquire at gbasson@puricare.co.za.