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Puricare Agriculture

Puricare Agriculture offers irrigation farmers the most practical and cost-effective solution to optimise water quality, clean irrigation systems and aerate soil.  Our water treatment is based on the proprietary Puricare - Advanced Oxidation Process (P-AOP) which delivers its many benefits directly to the water and the irrigation system and thereafter the soil.  Our Soilcare Unit is durable, easy to install and effortless to manage!  Our Innovative Technology is effective, proven and sustainable!

The Farmer’s Challenge

Water quality and availability

  • Deteriorating water quality and contamination
  • Growing water shortages and restrictions
  • Escalating water and soil salinity

Blocked irrigation systems

  • Variable and ineffective water and fertiliser delivery
  • Challenging irrigation scheduling and waste of water
  • Rising irrigation system maintenance costs

Soil compaction

  • Restricted root and plant growth
  • Declining soil health and fertility
  • Reduced water infiltration

The Puricare Solution

  • Improved water quality
  • Cleaner irrigation systems
  • Uniform water delivery
  • Accelerated soil aeration
  • Better water infiltration
  • Healthier root development
  • Valuable water savings
  • Reduced farming risks
  • Low running costs

Our technology doesn’t sterilise water, it activates nature’s potential!

To find out more, please download the Puricare Agricultural Portfolio or Presentation below.

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